multiple Tonelib GFX UI issues in avlinux, ardour6-5-2, tonelib 4.5

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    I'm playing around with tonelib gfx on avlinux (Dec 2020 version).
    The standalone application works well minus a config issue with jack.
    The Ardour plugin on the other hand has multiple minor and serious issues.

    Standalone app:
    * Default audio config doesn't mute an unused audio input. I plug my guitar into an M-AUDIO USB DAC with 2 USB interfaces. Tonelib connects to both input1 and input2 in Jack. I plug my guitar into ONLY input 1 and leave INPUT 2 unused. In the standalone app I select only the input I'm using. The second input ends up generating a significant amount of white noise that I'm unable to get rid of from within the Tonelib API. I had to go into the Jack connections and disconnect the second unwanted audio connection from INPUT system2 to JUCE input 2 to stop the noise.

    Ardour VST3 plugin:
    * Selecting the VST3 plugin for a track immediately skyrockets the CPU usage for the Ardour UI to 55% on my system when the plugin control panel opens. Closing the plugin control panel drops the CPU usage back to normal. Everything in Ardour is affected by this when the Tonelib control panel is open. Ardour6 menus are sluggish, everything slows to a crawl. It stops once the Tonelib window is closed.

    * The default presets only appear the FIRST time the Tonelib control panel is used. Adding a tonelib GFX a second time to a new track results in an empty control panel interace (basic config is there) where I'm unable to figure out how to open the preset list. It doesn't help that the interface is incredibly slow due to the high CPU usage. I made the presets go away once (maybe) by editing the Gadwin/Tonelib Plug/__app.cfg file and setting the left.sidebar.state to 3 from 0. It only showed up once after that and maybe it was a total coincidence.

    * Ardour6 has an option to use simplified controls for any VST - some kind of default for plugins. Enabling that for the Tonelib GFX control immediately crashes Ardour6 with no message in the terminal. It's easy to reproduce. If you tell me where to look for a log , I'll grab one for you. I was able to crash Ardour6 using the Control Panel interface doing something else, but I don't recall what it was offhand.

    Tonelib GFX sounds great and looks really promising. It would be wonderful if you could address these usability issues for those of using linux who want include in our DAW work flow.


    edit 1:
    I disabled the VST3 plugin so that Ardour would pickup the alternative LinuxVST. It does show up and the CPU usage problem goes away and the presets show up. It does however crash Ardour if you try to import a preset from within the LxVST Plugin Control panel, so it's not perfect.

    That said I was able to record using the LxVST plugin (saving often) on multiple tracks using the existing presets with no issues.
    Seems like the VST3 plugin needs some work / or Ardour really doesn't like the way the plugin was implemented.
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