Muse - Starlight

Discussion in 'Zoom MS-60B' started by Stingrayman, Jul 13, 2020.

  1. Stingrayman

    Stingrayman New Member

    I'm after the tone settings for Starlight by Muse. Anyone got a sound for this?

  2. Domenico Timmoneri

    Domenico Timmoneri New Member

    I dont know how good is this but you can give it a shot. I use the octaver and the muff for the verse and just push the distorsion pedal for the bridge.
    I use a Fender standard jazz bass with both bridge and neck pick up played with a pick (I think it helps a lot)
    Ampli: MarkBass Ninja 102 with full mid-high, buffed high and mid-low and low in flat.

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