My set of metallica clean and distortion, and gojira distortion

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Are they good?

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  1. Cosk

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    3 patches with:
    Metallica clean, has chorus, reverb, pretty standard but at least with my middle single coil pickup sounds very cristaline like nothing else matters and stuff.

    Metallica distortion, with a drive pedal before the amp and cabinet, mid freq shortened, with lots of bottom end to chug. Similar to And Justice For All tone.

    Gojira distortion, not really based on nothing but isnt as "chuggy" as the metallica dist, a little bit more muddy and has a pitch pedal.

    These are my personal presets and aren't in any way made to sound exactly like the originals, but i like those tones so i tried to do something similar. I got my zoom pedal just a few days ago so these presets arent perfect.

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  2. Cosk

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    If they dont sound very well try boosting your lows and highs (or decreasing mids), because i tested them with the pedal connected to a mixer with lows and highs boosted, and into an amp with the same eq
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  4. iMoNeY4LiFe

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    can somebody help me downloading and setting up patches to my zoom g1 four? because i tried to download the files and drag them to the un used patches but I cannot do it.