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  1. János Kalanovics

    János Kalanovics New Member

    Hello! Zoom sent new effects to Guitar Lab like KRAMPUS amp modelling and GEMINOS sound doubler, however these do not not appear in ToneLib. Even the saved new patch , opened in ToneLib is missing these effects. Can anything be done about this? THX. János
  2. oleger

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    +1 g3xn
  3. hurricaneabel

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  4. yeah, I just noticed this, too. I wonder what else is missing?
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  5. Marcelo Marvilla

    Marcelo Marvilla New Member

  6. I messed with it a bit and noticed that once I added them to my G3n through guitar lab, they then showed up in tone lib.

    Now, on to G11 support!
  7. jeffwhitfield

    jeffwhitfield New Member

    I'm still not seeing the KRAMPUS or GEMINOS as options in ToneLib, even after loading them through Guitar Lab. do you get them to show up? :p
  8. Kamtugexa

    Kamtugexa Member

    in Guitar Lab open the "News" tab ... find your device on the right and in the list of updates you will see - KRAMPUS UPDATE and ... oh my God! even super-duper - REDLOOM UPDATE!
    Next - follow the instructions like -ADD THESE PATCHES TO THE PATCH POOL
    -G5n Users
    -G3n Users
    -G3Xn Users ...
    And Tonlibe probably finds herself, in the meantime, in suspended animation (
  9. jeffwhitfield

    jeffwhitfield New Member

    So, after backing up my current patch list, I initialized my G3n, re-flashed the firmware, and loaded up the Krampus patch updates. This is what I'm seeing in ToneLib:

    So, yeah, something is definitely askew. Basically, any patches with Krampus and/or Geminos effects are rendered useless. To use these effects, you have to use Guitar Lab which, for me, is hit and miss. Tends to crash on me. :(
  10. jeffwhitfield

    jeffwhitfield New Member

    Did a quick inventory of available G3n effects on ToneLib. Here's what's missing:

    Amp: Krampus, Redloom
    Cabinet: KP4x12, RED4x10
    Modulation: Geminos, SwellVibe

    So, yeah, looks like the Krampus and Redloom updates got missed in a ToneLib update. :(
  11. Kamtugexa

    Kamtugexa Member

    ToneLib while in Nirvana
  12. jeffwhitfield

    jeffwhitfield New Member

    Dude, seriously…what does this mean? Don’t want to criticize without understanding your intentions.
  13. Kamtugexa

    Kamtugexa Member

    they're just lazy and can't keep up with the events ... dude
  14. jeffwhitfield

    jeffwhitfield New Member

    Ah, gotcha. Well, I don’t think calling them lazy is gonna get us anywhere. I wouldn’t listen to many users who called me lazy. I’d rather take the high road and see what response I can get first.

    I’ve reached out to them so we’ll see. Hopefully they get ToneLib updated soon.
  15. Ivica Glavocic

    Ivica Glavocic New Member

    I was so happy when I realized that I can control my G5n from tablet I normally use on rehearsals attached to mic stand, and then so disappointed because there is no Krampus, Redloom and Geminos which are base for my guitar sound. What can we do to push Tonelib to update app?
  16. jeffwhitfield

    jeffwhitfield New Member

    Yeah, I sincerely hope they update it soon. The app hasn't been updated since February 2020, effectively missing the last two major Zoom updates. I kind of rely on ToneLib at the moment. Guitar Lab is ok but it tends to crash on me. ToneLib is rock solid and much easier to use.
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  17. Ivica Glavocic

    Ivica Glavocic New Member

    I sent them mail, no reply. No reaction on forum posts. Looks like they abandoned entire product.
  18. jeffwhitfield

    jeffwhitfield New Member

    Not just them. Seems Zoom themselves is kind of dropping the ball. With both the G3n and B3n I had, Guitar Lab would constantly crash on macOS Big Sur. I even tried loading up a VM with Catalina....still crashed. When you consider just how old these devices are, it kind of makes sense. The G3n came out in 2016 with the B3n to follow a year later. So they're already 4 to 5 year-old devices.

    Honestly, I feel like Zoom is lagging behind. Their latest devices are a step up...but too expensive for the average Joe. The G6 and G11 are $400 and $800 respectively. The problem with them is that they both come with expression pedals built-in, which I don't want. I'd really like to see an updated version of the G3n that uses the same algorithms and such of the G6 and G11.

    However, given all the issues I had with the software, I doubt I would ever buy one even if Zoom release it. I got fed up with all the software instability and returned them in favor of a Line 6 HX Stomp and a TC Electronic Plethora X5. Just way more stable with software that actually works and doesn't crash on me.
  19. Brnore

    Brnore New Member

    You got that right! Zoom products were lot cheaper before (in my country even price of G3n/G3Xn/G5n went up), my guess is that they try to compete with other top notch guitar processor manufacturers.
  20. jeffwhitfield

    jeffwhitfield New Member

    And at the rate they're going, they're gonna lose. Not sure what they're doing. Last update made to the whole line (ie. G3n/G5n/B3n) was in February 2020. Guitar Lab was updated in March 2021 but I bet that mostly was due to updates to the G6 and G11, both of which have been updated since March/April 2021. So, yeah, seems older product lines are being left behind. If they're not going to keep them updated then they just need to discontinue them. Simple as that.