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  1. János Kalanovics

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    Hello! Zoom sent new effects to Guitar Lab like KRAMPUS amp modelling and GEMINOS sound doubler, however these do not not appear in ToneLib. Even the saved new patch , opened in ToneLib is missing these effects. Can anything be done about this? THX. János
  2. oleger

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    +1 g3xn
  3. hurricaneabel

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  4. Cedric Satterfield

    Cedric Satterfield New Member

    yeah, I just noticed this, too. I wonder what else is missing?
  5. Marcelo Marvilla

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  6. Cedric Satterfield

    Cedric Satterfield New Member

    I messed with it a bit and noticed that once I added them to my G3n through guitar lab, they then showed up in tone lib.

    Now, on to G11 support!