new firmware and effects for G1XON?

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    Hi all,
    I saw few videos on YT about new firmware and new 40 effects (included many different distortions, new tube screamer, ....)

    Does anybody knows anything about? it doesn't seem official, on zoom page there's no info

    I found more, it seems that with a software is possible to add effects from MS50 and 70:

    Dynamic / Filters
    • Gray Comp- This models a ROSS Compressor
    Overdrive and Distortion
    • Z Neos- A crunch sound modeled on the sound of a modified British class A combo amplifier.
    • Centa
    Gold- This effect models a famous gold overdrive boutique pedal.
    • NYC Muff- This models an Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi.
    • TS Drive- Simulation of the Ibanez TS808
    • BG Throttle- This models the sound of the Mesa Boogie THROTTLE BOX.
    • Oct Fuzz- This fuzz effect adds an octave above.
    • BG Grid- This models a Mesa Boogie GRID SLAMMER.
    • Red Crunch- Use this effect for the famous "brown sound."
    • Sweet drive- This effect models a sweet sounding overdrive.
    • RC Boost- This booster covers sounds ranging from clean boosts to light drives.
    • Dynamic Drive- This effect easily achieves the warm drive tone of a tube amp.
    • No added Amp Sims
    • CE- Cho 50- This chorus is a model of the BOSS CE-5.
    • Clone Chorus- This analog chorus sound models the Electro-Harmonix SmallClone.
    • Stone Phase- This phaser sound models the Electro-Harmonix SmallStone.
    • Corona Tri- This is a model of tc electronic’s CORONA CHORUS.
    • Ana 243 Cho- This analog chorus sound models the MXR M234.
    Delay/ Reverb
    • Mod Delay- This delay effect allows the use of modulation
    • Mod Delay 2- You can adjust the depth of this modulation delay effect.
    • Analog Delay- This analog delay simulation has a long delay with a maximum length of 4000 ms.
    • Stomp Delay- By turning the feedback up on this stomp-style delay, you can make it self-oscillate
    • Tape Echo 3- This tape echo effect models the MAESTRO ECHOPLEX EP-3.
    • Dual Digi Delay- This effect combines 2 delays and is based on the Eventide TimeFactor DigitalDelay
    • Smooth Delay- This wide delay is modeled on the BOSS DD-20 in SMOOTH mode.
    • Lo-fi Delay- This delay, which is based on the LO-FI mode of the strymon TIMELINE, allows you to degrade the sound quality using the bit rate and sampling rate parameters.
    • Auto Pan Delay- This combines auto pan and delay to create the effect of the stereo image moving cyclically
    • Ice Delay- Based on the strymon TIMELINE ICE mode, this effect combines pitch shifting and delay
    • Spring Reverb- This reverb effect simulates a spring reverb
    • Lofi Reverb- This rough in-your-face reverb is modeled on the LOFI setting of the tc electronic HALL OF FAME.
    • Church Reverb- This effect simulates the reverberations of a church.
    • Ambience- This effect adds a natural ambience (air) to the sound.
    • Echo- This effect can generate gorgeous echoes.
    • Holy Flerb- This effect combines reverb and flanger in a model of an Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail set to FLERB
    • Shimmer Reverb- Modeling the strymon blueSky in Shimmer mode, this effect adds pitch-shifting and delay to reverb
    • Particle Reverb- This unique complex reverb effect models the LINE6 M9 Particle Verb.
    • Space Hole- This effect, which is based on the Eventide SPACE BlackHole algorithm, combines delay and reverb
    • Mangled Reverb- Based on the Eventide SPACE MangledVerb algorithm, this reverb produces wild echoes.
    • Dual Reverb- Based on the Eventide SPACE DualVerb algorithm, this effect combines 2 reverbs.
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