New ToneLib User Needs Help On Two Issues

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by gogmagog, Aug 19, 2020.

  1. gogmagog

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    I'm a new user of ToneLib GFX (the once upon a time free version) and using it with a Behringer U-Phoria UMC204HD. My DAW is Ableton Live Lite 10.1

    Running it last night for the first time I noticed through the headphones a couple of issues.

    1) I'm hearing two guitar voices, the most prominent is the selected preset from ToneLib, but underneath it, when playing, I'm hearing another guitar, cleaner and not as loud but still noticeable in the headphones.

    2) Secondly there's a touch of lag/latency showing, which is not present when I choose a different guitar amp simulator VST.

    I'm figuring if it was the settings in my DAW, which are;

    Sample Rate 44100

    Buffer Size 512 samples

    input latency 16.1 ms

    output latency 12.51

    overall latency 28.6 ms

    then the issue would show no matter the VST being used. But it seems to occur only with ToneLib GFX.

    Can anyone please offer a solution to these two problems I am encountering?

    Thanks in hope.
  2. Jean C.Guion

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    it sounds like you're saying you hear the unprocessed signal coming thru .. check the input gain slider on the gfx...l/r=l/r...l=l/r...r=l/r...button tab at the top right...
    if you can't work out the [ asio4all ]..its free and does a great job at pairing things can be a little troublesome with multiple audio sources/signals at once though...i would also recommend running a higher sampling rate...44100 to 48000 is not much difference but i heard a big difference between 48 and 96...also allows me to run 288 samples at a mere 3ms latency with great reproduction using the asio convertor...
  3. Arny

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    Isn't it simply that you have the "mix" on the audio interface set to do exactly that? (if you are playing back through the audio interface).
  4. Tvrdoglavi

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    That is a very high latency. What kind of drivers are you using?
    Check if you have some kind of monitoring turned on. I'm not familiar with that interface.