Nirvana - Smells like teen spirits - Patch conversion G1 four/G1X four

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  1. Morpheuz79

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    Hello everybody, I'm a dad of twelwe year old guitar player and I'm tring my best to support him through guitar setup, tone setup, pedal setup and lot of thing even if I'm not a musicist at all...

    So now I'm in trouble with a Nirvana patch sound set that I found on youtube, that sounds very good for me, that my son needs to play this song with his guitar teacher.

    Video explain very well how to set the pedal but just one setup named "Kurt FD CH" is missing.

    The author also provides patch for download here:

    but I'm not able to open or import even with ToneLib or GuitarLab.

    Can someone convert these G1-Four (.zptc) patch to G1X-Four (.zg1f) ones for me or take some screenshoot on Guitarlab/Tonelib/Pedal?

    Thanks in advance, Mario.
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  2. vc_h

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    There you are I created it using the vid you linked to on the G1X four I have. Exported the file and attached. I hope that helps.

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  3. Morpheuz79

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    Thank you VC, I did the same and it was easy... but the problem is that the video shows setup called Kurt FD CL (clean) twice instead to show Kurt FD CH (chorus) setup.

    Author was asked in the comment to fix the video and he apologized for the inconvenient providing directly files for G1-Four pedal.

    What exactly I need is someone that take the Kurt FD CH.zptc file, open with GuitarLab and a G1-Four pedal connected and take a screenshoot of the setting. Can you, or someone else, do that for me?

    Thanks in advance, Mario.

    P.S.: I also tried to add reverb and chorus effect by myself but it doesn't sound good as sounds in the video. :-(
  4. vc_h

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    Ah sorry I misread. I will download the file, when I get in the pc and see if I can sort that for you.
    Okay I have been on the pc and the file fails to save into the Zoom software. I am using a G1x Four.
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  5. RegisVA

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    Hello, i have a problem
    I just bought g3n pedal, and probably dont know how to use this.
    So whats a point:
    I have downloaded Zoom Guitar lab, and gotcha nirvana presets on it, but they are have a dark text color and wonts put on empty slots.
    Can somebody help me? I will be grateful upload_2024-2-23_17-8-51.png