Older versions of Android compatibility?

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    I was recently gifted a new Amazon Fire HD 8 2017 (7th generation). Using the most recent version of android os provided by Amazon it is running Lollipop, Fire OS 5.6.4. They are about two to four years behind the times. Is there any chance I can get the ToneLib Zoom app to run on this tablet? I have done the side load hacks and installed the Google Play Store and most apps from there seem to work on the Fire tablet. Just wondering, thanks...
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    Yes it does, I am getting an OTG adapter delivered tomorrow but I may have to install the drivers...I'll check it out...thanks
    Also, so far the play store does not show the app for me as if my tablet is not compatible...sooo...
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    I received my OTG adapter today and it works with another amplifier control app I use (Fender Fuse with two different Fender amps).
    Unfortunately the ToneLib Zoom app does not appear in the Google Play Store when I search for it so I am unable to even download the app to my Amazon Fire tablet...
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    I installed both and the Zoom app opened but would not connect. GFX also opened but did not connect with my interface, produced a high pitched (not good) sound. I uninstalled both apps. Thanks for the help...My newer android phone works with both apps and I still use a Windows pc and linux pc...cheers
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    This App not installed in OTG compatible Android 4.2.2 Please help
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    Wow, not only did make the setup of my custom g1xon a breeze but now I find an older version of gfx too!

    Any chance you have a newer version of bff for android, the rocksmith dongle works well my stock LG glad f 8 or v495, it has a sub chart port and a full sized host mode sub header so I can run a hub with my glxon and the locksmith adapter at the same time.

    Any chance of a fully functional tone lib jam for android, I would gradly pay to play my psarc's on the go.
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    [QUOTE = "Tonelib, publicación: 5587, miembro: 11"] Desafortunadamente, antes de 6.0 (Marshamllow), Android no admitía oficialmente MIDI a través de USB. Sin embargo, para probar, he subido una versión actual en:
    https://tonelib.net/download/apk/ToneLib-GFX-Beta.apk (aún no está disponible en Play Store) [/ QUOTE].

    Hola, sería maravilloso que nos permitieran ver la app de Toneb-GFX en la Playstore, aún que sea en estado beta es una herramienta increíble. La he usado antes y es casi perfecta, para ser una beta. Por favor sería genial verla en la Playstore pues tiene la opción de configurar la entrada y salida de hardware y es algo que ninguna otra app tiene a día de hoy.