Patches overwritten by using the selector pedals

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Phil, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. Phil

    Phil New Member

    Does anyone else experience this on their G1Xon:

    I'll be editing a patch, and save it, then I'll use the selector pedals to toggle up or down to adjacent patches, and this action seems to cause the patch that I just edited/saved to be copied to a seemingly random slot nearby (sometimes 6 or 7 slots away), which overwrites the existing patch. You need to be able to rely on retrieving that patch from a backup, otherwise it is lost. This happens regularly, although I have not managed to make it 100% reproducible yet. I think it is a combination of renaming the patch and then using the selector pedal.

    I'd really like to confirm this bug, and try to pin down exactly which sequence of actions cause it, and possibly find out what determines which patch is overwritten. I'm using the latest version of Tonelib (2.5.582) on Windows 7.

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  2. Phil

    Phil New Member

    One thing I noticed today is that sometimes when editing a patch's parameters (not the name) a square bracket will appear in the patch name Eg. Blues ]

    EDIT: Sometimes edited patches also have 'er' appended at the end, like the bracket above. Eg Empty er

    Sometimes this appears in both the pedal LED display and ToneLib, and sometimes it will only appear in the pedal's LED. With the latter situation, I have to use the buttons on the pedal to go in and delete it, rather than using ToneLib.

    I should mention that I'm using Spanish laptops with Spanish keyboard layout, but I don't think that is anything to do with this bug/quirk.
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  3. Tonelib

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    Hi Phil,

    Thank you for your bug report! What Zoom device are you using?
  4. Phil

    Phil New Member

    Thanks for your reply.

    I've got a G1Xon on the latest firmware (1.21).

    With regard to editing names and descriptions, I have also noticed that if I save edits to patch A1, and then swap its position with B2, the new A1 description is not transferred to B2 - instead, the old B2 description remains in place. The patch swap from B2 to A1 is fine though.

    I'll keep using the pedal more, and if I notice any pattern or sequence of actions which causes these anomalies I'll post back.

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  5. Tonelib

    Tonelib Administrator

    Hi Phil,

    Please download the latest release from our download page. The issue should be fixed.

  6. Phil

    Phil New Member

    Thank you for the work on the update. Sorry I haven't replied sooner - I've been really busy at work.
    I can see someone has been working on the code, because the behaviour is different. But not exactly 'fixed' completely.

    1) solved
    I think the issue whereby the edited patch would overwrite some random patch several slots away has been solved. At least I haven't seen it in the last couple of hours. Thank you!

    2) solved
    The issue regarding descriptions not moving from the slots along with the patch when it is moved seems to have been fixed. Thank you!

    3) partially solved
    If I edit a patch, and then click the circle with the tick in it to save the changes, and then immediately use the foot pedal to change to an adjacent patch, the pedal LCD asks if I want to save the patch again. This prevents the adjacent patch from being overwritten (which is good - thanks!), but it isn't exactly the desired behaviour (which would be to save the patch in the ToneLib GUI, and then be able to just navigate away from it using the pedal).
    Note that right after editing a patch, if I first use the GUI to move to a different patch, then I can use the pedal without being asked to repeat the save in the LCD display.

    4) not solved
    I'm still getting letters added to the patch names when I edit them. The ] hasn't appeared yet, but the letters 'er' and 'c' appear about 10% of the time when I edit patches. Sometimes they only appear in the pedal LCD, and not in ToneLib. Sometimes in both.

    Again, thanks for your work on ToneLib. It's a great tool.