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    I'm new member. Just upgrade to G3XN from G3X. Strated using ToneLib, and like it.
    Proibably using wrong forum :)

    I'm runnig into problem. As soon as I start Tonelib and connect to pedal G3XN displays message "PC Mode" and stomp switches are not working at all. So no control from pedal untill device ejexted. I do not have this issue with Guitar Lab, where I can go into edit mode and controlls are working from both PC and pedal.

    Am I missing something? Is this possible in Tonelib have control from both PC and unit?

  2. Once you go to the computer interface, that is your control center. You can still change all parameters and save them, but you can't run the software and the pedal at the same time. GuitarLab used to be that way, too until they updated it to 3.0. Of course, with Guitar lab all you could do was move patches around because they didnt HAVE a computer interface for 2.5 yrs after the pedal debuted.