Ping/pong delay for bass

Discussion in 'Zoom B1/B1X Four' started by Hans van't Hag, Dec 14, 2020.

  1. Hans van't Hag

    Hans van't Hag New Member

    Hi guys, newbie here ..
    I'm really excited by stereo effects of the b1-four and will receive the actual device next week.
    I've read that adding some stereo ping/pong delay does a nice job in creating a spatial/stereo sound.
    Yet when looking at the effects list I noticed that there is no stereo delay (unlike for the guitar g1 four pedal).

    Does anybody know if this is true and/or if there are other ways to createba stereo sound for my fretless base (saw a stereo chorus whuch might do the job and perhaps the reverbs are stereo too)??

    PS: I've also read that you can import g1 effects onto the b1?

    Thanks and cheers,
  2. shooking_sybase

    shooking_sybase New Member

    Check out links on for info on how to import FX. For the "FOUR" range use Mungwell's zoom-zt2.

    For older pedals try 1st link off main page.
    You can find ZD2 FX for the various machines under the first link