Pitch Shifter doesn't work as an on the fly de-tune

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by hmollercl, Nov 23, 2021.

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    First of all, thanks for making this software available for linux, this and the good sound quality made me purchase it.

    The pitch shifter effect can't be used as de-tune on the fly, I've tested in in linux and windows and the latency is big and produces some artifacts (maybe only because of latency).
    I've used guitarix de-tune in the same setup and in the "high quality" option the latency is also bigget than usable on the fly but it has a "low quality" (or maybe medium-quality) which works perfect at least with distortion. You could look at the code here https://sourceforge.net/p/guitarix/git/ci/master/tree/trunk/src/LV2/gx_detune.lv2/