Please add stereo processing support on TonelibGFX in VST mode, to work in dual tracking on DAW's

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    Hi, Hello, I have been a TonelibGFX user for a year, it seems to me a very powerful and versatile software, capable of competing without any problem with other top software on the market. It is the best multi-effects suit I have tried so far, comparing it with Amplitube 4 and Bias, TonelibGFX convinces me at first, very good sound, great variety of amps, effects, impulses, presets, etc.

    Although I miss that it has stereo processing support, since it is very useful when working with a DAW, so you can create a bus track and insert the VST in the bus and pick up the signal of 2 tracks panned to the left and right respectively.
    Only that feature would be missing to be the perfect software, I bet many would appreciate that feature being added in future updates.
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    This is very true!!!! I came across the same problem and could not solve it so far.


    Let us explain the problem in depth:
    1. Record a track in the DAW (pan it left)
    2. Create a stereo bus in the DAW ("Effect loop") and make a send from the mono track to the stereo bus.
    3. Put the tonelibe gfx on the bus

    What happens: The plugin (tonelib gfx) renders the stereo signal mono and hence you can not use it on the bus. So why not put the plugin on the track in the first place? --> Because then the system load is doubled and there are situation where you want to keep system load low (for example when recording because you need low latency)...

    Am I wrong?
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