Please help - G1xon not detected on Windows 10

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Giuserre, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. Giuserre

    Giuserre New Member

    Hi everybody,
    I've connected my G1xon to my laptop, it's powered, but tonelib says me that there isn't any device connected.
    Also windows doesn't install anything when I plugin usb cable.
    Please help!!!
    Could you provide drivers?
  2. 12barde

    12barde New Member

    Open device manager (right mouse button on windows home) and look at audio/video/game controller. There should be a Zoom entry.
    If not, check the cable first.
  3. rugge78

    rugge78 New Member

    same problem with my G3n. It's not about cable because I used it for firmware update.
  4. Lucas Pokriwieski

    Lucas Pokriwieski New Member

    99% of the time it is the cable, I've had this same problem myself, I've even updated firmware with a "bad" cable, but for some reason you need a really good quality cable for the zoom G1xon and so on.

    So first buy a good cable that actually passes data through it.
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  5. Lawyer Dave

    Lawyer Dave New Member

    Good suggestion dear friend will do as you advise find a good quality USB cable.
  6. Nathan Eh

    Nathan Eh New Member

    Some USB cables meant just for charging will only pass power, not data - just a headsup
  7. Lawyer Dave

    Lawyer Dave New Member

    Many thanks dear friend.