Polyphia G.O.A.T

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    A preset based on Polyphia's sound on New Levels New Devils.
    It's hard to find their tone, to record NLNW they used an axe fx II, with the Boutique One preset, that preset is based on the sound of the Matchless Chieftain amp (amp that isin't on tonelib), so, it's not the same, but is similar, maybe if tonelib adds the Matchless in a future we will have a most accurate tone.

    If you have a pluggin, pedalboard or wathever that emulates a Matchless amp, you just need to add an orange cabinet and reverb.

    To sound like polyphia, you need a guitar with hss or sss pickups combination, set it on the middle-neck position to get that twang sound.

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    Can you share for g3n?