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  1. Torq2

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    I just discovered this site. I was wondering how do I download the presets here. I have clicked on the link, with Tonelib open, and when I click the downloaded file it lights up. However, there doesn't appear to be anything new in it, and the preset seems to have vanished.
  2. Kenneth Nordin

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    Weird, couse I have no problem loading patches that way. Check on the pedal if "PC Mode" is active.
    Immediately when you load the preset, you should hear that it got a sound. Sometimes people do not name their notes so the name of it would be the same, but when you strum your guitar you should hear something.

    My only problem is that sometimes they uses effects I don't have, and the memory of the pedal is full, then I have to remove one effect to apply the new one
  3. Torq2

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    Thanks Kenneth,
    I'll check the pedal again. I'm wondering if they automatically replace another preset. As there is limited memory space, something has to give.

  4. Kenneth Nordin

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    I don't remeber what the factory settings are, but I have to delete a patch to install a new one. When one install a new patch and and the menory is full then it shows a yellow varning sign in Tonelib, and when yoy click on the install arrow it pops up a box saying that memory is full.

    But for you nothing at all happens, thats whats weird! Try to reset the pedal if nothing else works, and check your USB cable and connection is my best advice.

    By the way, I will upgrade to a new Zoom pedal with bigger memory, but haven't decided what model I should buy :p
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    Hi Kenneth,

    I have checked the pedal, and it seems that the presets are there, so all good.

    I must admit that when I bought this pedal, I absolutely loved it, still do.
    However, I bought a desktop Boss effects processor a while back, and would say that the effects are better.
    I think that if I were to buy another pedal, I would be looking at a Boss.
    I also notice that Boss tend not to lose their value as quickly.
    I bought a Boss BR80 mixer thing recently, and it is great. I'm not sure if you are familiar with it.
    It is a recorder, mixer deck and jam along player all in one. It's great fun.

  6. Kenneth Nordin

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    Yes, Zoom and other companies cheaper multi effect pedals I think is great value for the money, bit at that price point there will be an compromise in some way. I can't say that I love the factory presets. If one tweaks a bit you can get so much better sound. For people on a budget then (as myself, as I spent more money on photo lenses and other related stuff) I think this pedals is a blessing for many, not at least beginners.

    I'm not familiar with exactly the BR80 mixer, but I don't doubt that Boss does great stuff. I got one Boss DS-1 pedal - one of the worlds best dists if you ask me. Perfect for traditional more or less heavy rock (but many peoples underestimate it's capacity!).

    It's sounds appealing to have a desktop processor, and would be suitable for me who almost never have my G1 Four and Vox Stomplab 2G on the floor. They are with me on my desktop and computer, so it wouldn't be any difference for me - but I believe that those effect processor gives higher sound quality? I was looking on Boss GT-001 Guitar Effects Processor, and it seems not to be so expensive at aprox $300, or you maybe know if it's a good upgrade?

    My problem is that I also have photography as a big hobby - and lenses, filters and cameras are expensive, so regarding to that I can't spend to much on guitar gears. I'm quite happy with my 7 monts old Vintage V100 Reissued Gold Top (Les Paul -57 Gold Top clone) that sounds lovely. It did only costs around $430, and I totally in love with it. It's a -57 GT clone, but it got it's own sounds, with Wilkinsons hardware with 2 Wilkinson® Stacked Ceramics (N) W90SK (B) W90SK thats sounds great. People who love Les Paul sound with a sound more like strat at the really high tones. My best spent money in many years that guitar.

    So when I finally found a electric guitar that I love, I think it deserves good (multi) effects to. I will for sure check out Boss desktop effects processor.

    What model do you have and what feature/specs does it have?

    Regards /Kenneth
  7. Torq2

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    Hi Kenneth,
    I also am not rolling in the green stuff
    Funny the prosessor I was talking about is the Boss GT001". I wish now that I had bought the one with the pedal, I think it is just called GT1. As I had my zoom pedal I didn't want another floor one.
    You are right about it being a great pedal for the price. I use it all the time and love it. I really wish that they wouldn't preset the effects with the volume and gain turned right up, I'm nervous about changing the effect. I know that is the sound, but my room is pretty small and the feedback drives my crazy.