Problem in Reaper 6.18 and TL GFX 4.5.3

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    Serious problems with Tonelib 4.5.3 plugin and Reaper 6.18. When using Tonelib, next time opening same project - several items are moved. It's very confusing when both audio and midi items (parts) are misplaced and not on beat. Sometimes even items are missing completely.

    EDIT: One more problem:

    when Tonelib GFX is used (active) - sliders in Reapers own JS plugins stop to work properly. Goes away when Tonelib isn't active.

    I'm pretty sure it's Tonelib because I've uninstalled SWS. And I've gone back to a backup of the same project without Tonelib, added Tonelib to a couple of tracks, recorded new audio and the same happens again. Items get moved after saving and then reopening the project.

    This is a project with maybe 8 tracks in total, 1 min 30 s. long. Very few xruns and little CPU usage. Tonelib does not display any unusual CPU usage either.

    After removing Tonelib and moving the items to correct beats and record some more guitar with other guitar plugins - the problem does not occur again. It hasn't occured before on any project I've recorded with much heavier usage (more tracks, more plugins)

    I have posted this at the Reaper forum as well.
    Seems to me that Tonelib GFX is one of the very best Linux native guitar plugins. And the sounds from it was immediately sounding great - very elaborated presets and possibilities galore. Very sad I can't use it on my rig.

    If more information is needed I will be happy to provide it. Trying new source code, or whatever is needed. As I said, this GFX plugin seems to be THE guitar plugin for Linux!
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    I found a bunch of issues with the VST3 plugin in Ardour. I removed the VST3 version of the plugin and instead used the Linux VST version of the plugin (in /usr/lib/vst rather than /usr/lib/vst3) and most of my plugin problems went away. The VST3 version was unusable. Not sure if Reaper can use VST - maybe that would work for you as it did for me.
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    Thanks for the tip! I will look into it.

    EDIT: just took a look inside the deb-file and it contains both a VST3 and a VST lib, just as you said. Great!
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    Tested just the vst instead of the VST3 by installing the whole package and then removing the Tonelib-GFX.vst3 directory from /usr/lib/vst3/. Not good at all.

    Tested by setting up a couple of audio parts/items and a midi part/item in a new empty song project. Splitting some audio items and the midi item and saving. Then re-opening the project AND some splits were missing! Furthermore; opened an earlier project completley without Tonelib and look and behold - missing parts/items and moved parts/items even in that song!

    Reaper shows no error messages at all and starting Reaper from the terminal does not show any error messages either.

    PS. In Reaper an item is a part of a track. I don't know what it's called in other DAW:s. If I remember correctly it was called "a part" in the old Cubase 1.0 I had on my Mac II Classic.