Problem with noise when using USB to PC

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  1. lestat57

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    Hello guys.

    Any idea how could I solve the following issue please?

    When I have the Zoom G1Xon multi effect connected to my computer via USB (audio output to my guitar amp), I get quite a lot of static noise, high-frequency buzz, fuzz and hum, which gets so much worse when I switch to the lead channel on the amp itself. Not only it adds a layer of noise over the sound, but it even impacts the underlying guitar tone quality noticeably.

    When I use the very same USB cable and plug it into the old phone charger directly to the wall power socket instead, the noise disappears (also disappears when I power the G1Xon via the AC/DC power adaptor).

    I tried to touch the metal PC case to see if I could ground it, but the noise remained the same. Also tried powering the device via AC/DC adaptor and at the same time just connecting it to PC via USB. All fine and dandy but as soon as I plugged it into PC USB slot the noise came back. I tried using different USB inputs on PC as well as trying a different mini USB cable altogether, to no avail.

    Now, if I only used the USB cable to power the device, it'd be a non-issue since I'd just use a different power input. But since I'd love to use the G1Xon with Tonelib on my PC, that's not really a solution.

    Any ideas guys?
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  2. AJRtlib

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    Hi, I had the same problem, the noise should be coming from the PC ground. Try Powering the PC without the ground connected, probably you will have to change the plug or do some work on it to remove the ground connection. If on a laptop, try with battery only (no ac adapter) and check if the noise disappears.
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  3. stigma

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    If you have a laptop use battery only power.
    I succeeded also using a USB power bank designed for smartphones, no noise at all.
  4. Jair Seixas

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    Too bad... happens here.

    MIZAEL VIEIRA New Member

    Eu uso a fonte da pedaleira mesmo com o USB conectado, tira 70% do ruido.
  6. Gilberto1979

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    I started using it with a portable USB charger and it fixed the issue
  7. KevinL7778

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    powering it from the pc alone will do this, putting batteries in it (and a power switch mod) will give you a buffer so if the pc supply drops it will pull from the batteris but the same applies to a usb charger or battery bank. Use batteris or the 9 volt wall wort for cleaner sound.
  8. Nikiforosgt

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    Hi all! i had the same problem with my pc, with external usb audio interface and my guitar pedal.
    So i found a solution! for my usb audio interface i bought this one : the ground loop gone away!!! but on the pedal my pc can't see it and the programs can't work. So i use this one to solve the problem : i use it to connect my G1Xon on my sound mixer or to my guitar amplifier. It's very cheap 28-30 euros on my country and it's amazing!!!

    I forgot to say, i have also this one : but it isn't stereo, this di box have a ground button and when it's on, ground loops go off!!! but it needs battery 9V and it's more expensive from hum destroyer.