Questions about G5n Amp Sims and volume sensitivity.

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    G5n user here.

    I understand the value of the amp/cab/mic sims when plugging straight into a computer for recording but I'm less sure about using them when you use the G5n as a multi-effects unit between your guitar and a real amp. I'm thinking it is best to stay away from cab and mic sims but should I avoid amp sims too (and just stick to the "pedal" types of effects)?

    Also, I am finding the G5n does not respond well to rolling off my guitar's volume. Real gain type pedals can clean up nicely, the the G5n sound just seems to get "mushy" for lack of a better word. Any suggestions for avoding this?
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    By default the CAB effects have the MIC parameter Off. ZOOM (and common sense) recommends to turn On mics when using CAB sims with headphones. Quoting from the ZOOM effect list pdf doc:

    MIC=OFF: This tone is optimized for using amp modeling with a guitar amp.
    MIC=ON: This tone is optimized for using amp modeling with headphones or monitor speakers.

    D57/D421 -- This adjusts the volume balance between the Shure SM57 and the Sennheiser MD421.
    When the MIC parameter is set to OFF, this setting has no effect.​

    When sending the pedal's output into a real amp (with cab?), you may not need to have a simulated AMP or CAB in the patch chain. Simply have those effects Off. Or just experiment with an AMP or AMP+CAB effect combination which is complimentary with your real AMP. In a way it's similar to an EQ profile.

    Well, if you like the sound of your real amp+cab, you may just as well try to replicate that character in a patch using whatever combination of ZOOM effects (AMP, CAB, EQ etc.) so you could have it even when in headphones or monitors.
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