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    Got a Zoom G1x Four and quite happy with it. I have however been trying to record without using iRig. Instead, I've been using a Y-cable [3.5 mm male jack with 2 female (1-headphone, 1-mic)]. I have NOT been successful. I've tried 2 configurations: one recorded but I couldn't hear through the headphones, and other was the opposite.

    Anyone been successful at making this work using a simple y cable? I'm starting to wonder if I might be doing something wrong on the software side (I'm using n-Track 9)...
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    There are two kinds of ends on those cables. The iRig has a triple connector, most of those cables have a double connector. The triple goes to the microphone, the double is more for speakers. This connector works for me
    I used iRig Recorder App, and I believe it was Zoom output -> Microphone In (using a 1/4" to 3.5mm adapter, and a male/male 3.5mm extension cable), and the triple plug of the splitter cable goes into the Android. I used headphones into the other jack. Also, I think there was an iRig Recorder setting to "echo" the sound to the headphones.
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    CORRECTION: I tested it out today and here is the correct set up.

    recording setup.jpg

    Below are the connectors to the phone and the Zoom G1Xfour. Note the ends on the 3.5mm cables - they are all the double connectors (TRS) - only the splitter cable has the triple connector (TRRS).

    zoom and phone.jpg

    Below is a close-up of the connectors for the other end of the splitter, going to the phone (microphone connection) and the headphones.

    mic and phones.jpg

    and the App on the Android is iRig Recorder. Below is the "echo" setting I was talking about.

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    Thanks so much for taking the time and responding! I think I already see my problem: the splitter connector I purchased doesn't have a triple connector.
    Cheers, mate!