Regular keyboard shortcuts to control effects, possible?

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by mascmail, May 11, 2021.

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    Hi! So many years passed since we all asking you an oportunity to use normal keyboard shortcuts to control effects on/off etc. (which is still available only with MIDI controller). I'm using Tonelib GFX for the all-in-one tool, that is always with me, lightweight, portable, without any additional hardware. I really don't want to keep with me hardware midi controller, I just need to hit spacebar to switch boost in 90% cases. Is there a real problem to add a possibility to use normal assignable keyboard shortcuts? As a professional programmer i think it is not. Please! ))
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    I wanted to have keyboard shortcuts as well. In order to do so I ended up creating a AutoIt script that captured keystrokes and then sent MIDI command using the program LoopMIDI. By doing this I can customize whatever I want. The AutoIt script is attached. You can download AutoIt and LoopMIDI from the web. As a professional programmer you should be able to modify the script to fit your needs.

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