Request/Help - Tyler the creator - garden shed intro

Discussion in 'Zoom G1/G1X Four' started by roqql0bstrr, Mar 21, 2023.

  1. roqql0bstrr

    roqql0bstrr New Member

    New here, not very good when it comes to tone, how would you try to recreate this sound?

    tyler the creator - garden shed

    I know its a chorus or maybe flanger type of effect, but what about the treble mid and bass? how can you tell?

    thanks to anyone who helps \m/
  2. Lucas Pokriwieski

    Lucas Pokriwieski New Member

    It depends very much on your equipment I guess.

    Haven't heard the song, I'll try my best when I have some spare time to it.

    Anyway, you could use the filters Gt GEQ or the Gt GEQ7 to get as close to the tone as you can, although it depends a lot on what guitar you have, what amp you're using, what level of treble mid and bass, among other things.

    But the filters provided by the zoom pedal will help you a fu**ing lot with that.

    I recommend first trying to get it right on a really good headphone, and after you are satisfied with that, then you plug it to your amp and see how it sounds. If it sound terrible, maybe your amp is putting too much of its tone to it, then I'd recommend searching what amp does Tyler the Creator uses and then see if the zoom pedal has the same amp in its effects or some similar pedal.

    That's my process when I'm trying to recreate some sepecific tone/sound.

    I prefer a zilion times getting an original tone tho, even when I'm playing with some cover band.
  3. roqql0bstrr

    roqql0bstrr New Member

    cool cool thanks m8