Request: improved bend notation

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    I'm trying to notate this:
    And the best I managed to do with Tonelib Jam was:

    Some issues:
    1. There's no proper way to notate long bend-and-hold (dashed line in the first image).
    2. I need to use ghost notes for long bend-and-holds which add unnecessary clutter in my opinion, e.g. the ghost notes "(7) (7)" in the first bar are just clutter.
    3. There's no way to notate a bend that spans over a bar line.
    4. I like the notation for pre-bends and quick bends better in the first image. See how there's a small grace note in the standard music notation.

    Overall, the first image looks more like the bend notation I'm used to. I believe it's pretty similar to what Guitar Pro or Sibelius use.

    Edit: I noticed I accidentally wrote one staccato note as dotted note in the first bar. That doesn't affect any of my points, though.
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