Routing Tonelib ZOOM output to DAW

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    Greetings Forum Members

    Arrived at this forum quick by accident, after googling for "Zoom G1Xon USB functions". I've just installed Tonelib ZOOM and it's just so awesome. I've never liked the Menu setup of the G1Xon, scrolling between pedal settings etc so this is a total revelation.

    Two questions:

    1. Is there a way of routing the audio signal, coming out of Tonelib ZOOM, into a general purpose DAW? I'm using Presonus Studio One 3 on OS X.

    2. Is there a way of routing MIDI control signals, coming from a General MIDI device, and mapping these into Tonelib ZOOM? e.g. a series of rotating pots, mapped directly to individual effects parameters, would be quicker to access than using the mouse.

    Thanks for the great software and excellent forum.
  2. Deep Space

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    It seems like I misunderstood the functionality of Tonelib ZOOM... can it output an audio stream itself, or would this still come from the G1Xon itself, into an audio interface? In other words, is Tonelib ZOOM performing the role of a "pedal library", with the sounds themselves still coming from the pedal itself, before being routed to a DAW?
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    ToneLib Zoom does not produce an audio output. To record to a DAW, you need to record the output from the pedal itself.
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    Deep space ....tonelib zoom is only an external hardware preset interface...if you want to explore tonelib gfx that is a full stand alone helix native type guitar sim with options for background tracks..a rythme drummer..and a also allows loading your own's..and midi control....i recommend trying it out...lots of possibilities...
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    Thank you for the responses, much appreciated.

    I was hoping that pedal could be used as an external effects unit, routing raw audio out of DAW and back in via USB, like an external effects unit. Anyway, thank you for clarifying. ToneLib Zoom still an awesome tool, really opens up the Zoom patches for easy editing, much easier than scrolling through the various menus on the pedal itself.

    I've been trying out Guitar Rig as a plug-in (using Presonus Studio One 3 as my DAW), but I'm battling to get the sounds I'm hearing; everything seems a bit "thin" to my ears. Might just be due to lack of practice or experience, but I'm just more comfortable with using a physical pedal. Adding the ToneLib interface for rapid patch editing is a major improvement and I love that you can edit and save the patches on the pedal via a laptop, then disconnect the pedal and use it as a stand-alone device. The fact that ToneLib GFX adds drums, a recorder and midi control is brilliant as well.
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    Is the Zoom G1Xon sufficient as an interface when using ToneLib GFX or do you recommend using a dedicated audio interface instead? In other words, is there any benefit of using the Zoom pedal or would this only make sense if using the ToneLib Zoom software? Using the Zoom pedal as interface makes more sense, as it means carrying less gear around.

    Excuse what might be a dumb question, but what is an "ir"?
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