Run two guitars through G3XN?

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    I've got an Acoustic SC-13E Martin which I normally run through a Fishman Loudbox Pro amp and a PRS Custom SE24 electric which I run through a Blackstar ID Core 150. So, two different amps to lug to gigs as I play both guitars. Can I get a split or adapter or something that I could run my acoustic and electric both through the Zoom? I realize the acoustic won't sound as good but I'm an old fellow and tired of the extra work of bringing two amps, (in addition to having to help my wife set up her synth keyboard/amp/mic, etc-sigh), so am looking

    Can I run both guitars through the G3XN Zoom without having to unplug each one and plug in the other whenever I want to play one or the other? My bandmates are saying no. Thanks for any advice.
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    The thing you want is called ABY Pedal. Just google it.