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    You mean producing sax tone using a guitar?? These are fundamentally different sources, one is a conical bore air wave the other is plucked string. You may try to shape it with an envelope, though the character would still be different.

    If you just want a patch to play a real sax, them just stack an EQ, reverb, and delay. Adding some clean AMP can also give some more controls. The key here would be blending it with the rest of the band.

    ZOOM A1 FOUR has some sax specific patches:

    45.Sax San-B
    46.Sax forAll
    47.Sax Glowl
    48.Sax MyLady
    49.Sax WF Wah

    And Creator Patches:

    Sax Miku Yonezawa (Dec 2019)
    Sax Takahiro Miyazaki (March 2020)
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