Shadows patches on G1 or G1X four

Discussion in 'Zoom G1/G1X Four' started by Lucien Gerrits, Nov 18, 2020.

  1. Lucien Gerrits

    Lucien Gerrits New Member

    Looking for Shadows patches, I foud one and uploaded. Would be great if other ones could be posted

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  2. Highwayone

    Highwayone New Member

    Hi I have G1X Four: Shadows patches you can try but they very much depend on using the Strat bridge pickup and your amp settings to get close to the right sound. Depends whether you want vintage or later tone.
  3. Lucien Gerrits

    Lucien Gerrits New Member

    hi. Many thanks for your feedback. I like as well the vintage as the later ones... if you would be able to post example(s) would be great :)
    Many thanks in advance
  4. Highwayone

    Highwayone New Member

    Hi Lucien.. I would prefer to email patch settings to you, I am new to the Zoom having previously used a Boss ME-70 multi-effects for years. I may possibly tweak the settings in the future. I say this as at this stage I prefer not to post to the general public. I understand if you do not wish to send your email. regards John
  5. Lucien Gerrits

    Lucien Gerrits New Member

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  6. john2929

    john2929 New Member

    My son has the zoom G1 four unit and he would love some Shadows patches if you could My email is
  7. alcantara

    alcantara New Member

    [QUOTE = "Highwayone, post: 10925, member: 24184"] Oi Lucien .. Eu preferiria enviar por e-mail as configurações do patch para você, sou novo no Zoom, tendo usado anteriormente um multiefeito Boss ME-70 por anos. Posso ajustar as configurações no futuro. Digo isso porque, nesta fase, prefiro não postar para o público em geral. Eu entendo se você não deseja enviar seu e-mail. cumprimentos John [/ QUOTE]
  8. footaper

    footaper New Member

    Hi iwant some to if you could send me all you have for the Shadows, thank's a lot:
  9. Kevin Laffa

    Kevin Laffa New Member

    HI. I have just bought my Zoom G1 and getting used to using and modifying the patches. I play quite a few Shadows numbers with my band and am trying to get some patches to emulate their sound. Would you mind sending me a couple of your patches please? My email address is Thank you in advance. Kevin