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    Well, I decided to somehow vaguely name this thread as I am not sure how much of it falls under the guise of requests and which are just features that are there and I have just missed.

    Anyway, just a short list of observations:

    • A countdown before recording is a must. I love the idea of recording some rhythm and then add some lead and overdubs but as soon as I click record it starts recording. Of course holding the guitar pick and all that takes times and it means that it is just useless for looping as it has a massive gap. A countdown of one or two beats before recording starts is a must.
    • Almost all the included profiles are very MEH which is "surprising" because the amp/effects are mostly set up correctly with no silly excesses and can easily be made to sound great. They only require two adjustments most of the time: changing the cab sim to an IR (the included ones are actually good) and changing the clunky noise reducer to the noise gate. It is a shame that the first experience with the sounds coming from tonelib is a bunch of very meh sounds when excellent sounds are available with minimal tweaking. This is both advice to user and developers: just stop using the cab sim and noise reducer in the profiles! There are much better alternatives in the already included IR and noise gate.
    • This is a bit redundant with the above, but has to be said: either remove or fix the noise reducer. The noise gate works way better and in "auto" mode is trivial to use. I see a lot of online presets using the noise reducer and most are a pain to use due to the "funny" dynamics it generates.
    • A search function for presets is required.
    • Asking for credentials every time I enter the online presets sections is a bit annoying. Currently one can save credentials but the login screen still shows up and one has to click. Also, the lack of a search function here is quite noticeable.
    • The tuner is slow to react and that makes it inaccurate as I frequently overshoot by the time it shows a reading.
    • I can't choose which input from my interface to use. I always have to connect to entry 1 or it just won't be seen by tonelib in the stand alone version. In VST this is fine, as entries are managed by DAW.
    • Stereo routing. I am not totally sure if this can be changed, but if I want to hard pan two tracks and then send it to a guitar bus for stereo processing (and hence save some cpu) it seems I get mono processing.
    Anyway, those small-ish issues aside this is one of the best plugins available. Not one of the best amongst the free plugins, just one of the best paid or free. The amps have their own character and they cover the whole spectrum, this is not one of those sims that are only good at a certain gain regime as the whole spectra is well covered. The included IR's are good and so easy to work with. CPU load is also relatively small (not on th-u levels, but definitely better than most plugins, not to mention plugin chains). Kudos to the team, I just don't even understand how this is free and with a linux version. It really kicks some expensive software and it kicks it hard :D
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    Thank you for your feedback!
    We are really glad that you have chosen our software and we really appreciate your suggestions, most of which, such as recording countdown, preset search functions and tuner rework, are planned to be implemented in further versions.
    Talking about the quality of default guitar presets which you’ve considered to sound not as good as they might do: it is worth mentioning that initially Cab Sim itself was designed as an interim solution while IRs were still under development, so the guitar presets will be redesigned soon.
    We will also take into account other issues you’ve mentioned to make our software even more suitable for you as a user.
    Once again, we would like to thank you for your observations. If you have any other suggestions, do not hesitate to leave your feedback again!
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    i would like to chime in on this quickly.....luv this free rocks...would be nice to be able to record a no sim dry guitar signal with the recorder on gfx and then loop it on th the bgrd trk plr and play it back thru the input of gfx guitar sim to create tones while the sim is in action....