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  1. taupter

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    First, thank you very much for such outstanding program.
    I noted there's no Linux version. I'm a software developer and I think that providing a Linux binary would be a good move, and if possible I'd like to help you doing so.
    I can work on a port for Linux if you let me access the source code. By doing so I'll comply with whatever restrictions you impose, but please consider opening the source using some suitable license (GPL, MIT, Apache) if possible.
    Thanks in advance and I look forward to your answer.
    Best regards.
  2. jorns

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    Tonelib works when using it with wine, but would have been great if there was a linux version.
  3. bassmannate

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    You got it to work with wine? Didn't think there was USB support in wine so I'm all ears. Really not liking having to run a Windows installation on virtual box for this one application.