Strange sound with ALSA

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by alxdef, Jan 18, 2023.

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    I've got an error after last update (4.7.8) of "GFX" and "Jam" applications. When I try to test sound in application using Options->Audio Devices page (GFX or Jam) I hear itching sound and it continues (like "suspending") until I won't change "Output" or "Input" combos selection. Any changes of other controls on Audio Devices page tried also. I use ALSA as default sound system and it worked well before last update of ToneLib Apps. Other applications work correctly with ALSA anyway. My OS is Debian 11 x64 with all last updates.

    When I think to rescan plugins I got this error message:

    Audio devices page:

    I tried purge all ToneLib Apps, reload OS and install them again but problem is still here.

    Any suggestions?

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