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    As a long time user of Yousician for practice. Since they removed the song creator I have been looking for alternatives. Until today the only other app I could find with backing track sync was Go Play Along.

    One of the things many people like about yousician is the horizontally scrolling tabs. So that you don't have the distraction of jumping from the end of one line to the start of the next one.

    Any chance you could add something similar to Tonelib Jam. Basically a single line of the existing tab that scrolls infinitely at the tempo of the current song.

    I originally started with Rocksmith, but it's a very distracting interface that requires to much multitasking. Yousicians horizontal scrolling of regular tab made playing much simpler.

    Anyway, just a suggestion, it might not be a lot of work to modify the existing tabs to scroll judging by how your engine seems to be able to manage quite diverse styles.

    Thanks for listening
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    Just realized the title for this thread says nothing about the suggestion. Not good. Asked to have this one removed and will start another.