SUGGESTION: Preset issues

Discussion in 'Testimonials & Suggestions' started by Leonid Krechmer, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. Leonid Krechmer

    Leonid Krechmer New Member

    Hey! Toy have SO NICE peace of code, and it is now free, and that amazing!
    I faced with some problems )
    • I recorded two projects to put some demos of your product to youtube, aaaaand, when I closed the Reaper and then opened it back, I didn't have the same sounds, because it opens with only saved presets. Thats sad, and not really convenient.
    • Another is weirdest UNDO/REDO system ))) you can recall something from different sessions some times, and sometimes you occasionally delete preset and cant get it back.
    • Would be great if the software would ask if you want to delete preset, saved or not, as it does when you try to switch to another unsaved preset.
    So thats my two cents, based on 2 days of experience :)
    And thank you so much for this product, one more time :)