SUGGESTION: Single line infinite horizontal scrolling tabs similar to Yousician.

Discussion in 'Testimonials & Suggestions' started by Antmax, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. Antmax

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    As a long time Yousician player who switched from Rocksmith to Yousician because of the less convoluted UI that is closer to standard TAB.

    I'd like to suggest a single infinitely scrolling row of larger scale tab like Yousician has. Only preferebly regular tab with all the normal symbols that represent phrasing just like Tonelibjam has now.

    I find reading the small Tab on here fine right up until I get to the end of a line. Having to find the next line in time for the music is really tricky and usually leads to mistakes or falling behind and struggling to get back in time.

    The Tonelib Jam interface seems pretty configurable since you managed to duplicate the Rocksmith interface. Perhaps it wouldn't be a lot of work? Especially if it's sticking with the existing TAB symbols the app uses.

    Just in case you somehow missed Yousician even with them spamming Youtube with AD's the last couple of years. Here's an example video of someone doing one of their better songs.

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  2. Jonn

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    This would be much better and not a great deal different to the editor view.