Suggestion: Support for storing individual FX Settings

Discussion in 'Testimonials & Suggestions' started by Chris99921, Jul 11, 2019.

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    I really enjoy to use your products, I think they are really great!

    What I (and maybe others too) would found really useful and helpful would be to be able to store individual FX settings. and then import them in other presets, or build presets out of your favorite FX settings.

    If this could be implemented this would be really awesome!
    (For the toneLib-Zoom editor as well as toneLib-GFX Software)

    I would like to Store my favorite "subtle Hall" and "dense Hall" as well as my "short Delay" and "endless delay" "subtle Chorus" and "strange Chorus" my favorite "clean" "driven" amp settings.

    For building presets I would then be able to mix and match, and therefore have also the possibility to build similar/consistent patches > eg. same "subtle Chorus" on all patches.

    I think it would be enough to have/be able to save 3 settings for each individual FX. Or at least change the default settings of the FX