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    I really haven't used guitar effx much. When I was actively playing your only options were fuzztone and wah pedal, otherwise the amp distortion was your sustain. I have the G1X Four pedal and was wondering what settings I can use to create a longer sustain without distortion. Is there such a thing and can someone suggest some settings? Thanks.
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    Sustain without distortion = compression. There are a bunch of compressors available in the G1X 4. In a nutshell, compression takes the loudest parts of your guitar signal and makes them softer, and takes the quietest parts and makes them louder. the "quietest parts louder" part means that the sustain of the note, as it's trailing off, is getting made louder, so the note sounds like it's sustaining longer. There's a ton of info on the web about how to use them and typical settings, etc. It can be a subtle effect, sometimes hard to hear. One of my favourite youtube videos on the topic, where you can actually hear the changes to the settings is:

    Another good one, VERY thorough, and a presenter I really enjoy, is:
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    Thanks, I would not have thought the compressor would do that. I enjoyed the videos and now it gives me a starting point. I appreciate you taking the time to respond and link these videos.