Discussion in 'Request patch' started by guitarfreak27, Mar 13, 2023.

  1. guitarfreak27

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    Can someone please help me how to get the tone fo the tame impala riff on the 6:15 mark on my zoom g1x four.I would really appreciate it, thanks :)
  2. aqidibrrr

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    use pitch shift, znr, any distortion pedal, plate and match 30. lower pitch by -3 or -4 depending on the tuning of your guitar.
    play around with it until you get a close sound. it will not be as accurate but you can also try using EQ by replacing any of the pedals i mentioned. unfortunately the guitar tone in the original song goes through several pedals but zoom allows only 5. so you need to play around with it until you get a sound that is good enough for you. most of the sound comes from the mid range so mainly focus on that instead of the low . try to add synth and distortion with slight decay.