The Killers - When You Were Young

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    I am new to this forum so therefore new to this pedal! So far it is good, but I don’t really know what I am doing.

    So I have semi mastered The Killers - When You Were Young, and would love the correct (or close enough) pedal set up for this track?

    Can anybody help? I am just a beginner so it doesn’t have to be cock on, but as close as we can get?

    Appreciate any help on this.
  2. Dlaniger

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    My starting point will be with an app called Tonebridge. It is part of the Ultimate Guitar tabs suite of tools ( Search the song, and if they have it they have modelled pedalboards to supposedly provide the same guitar sound. Not always 100% accurate, but usually not a bad starting point. From there I try to replicate the pedal sequence and settings in the G1Xon using equivalent pedals. You can then tweak from there.

    If Tonebridge doesn't have the song, then google the artist/guitarist and the song and there are sites that review the gear that the band/player uses. Again, a bit hit and miss but it can give you a leg up if you are trying to work out a sound.

    I find it almost impossible oto get 100% accurate replication of a sound. The G1Xon is just modelling, not the real pedals and there are some many variables in play. But you can usually get an approximation unless someone is using one of the many weird-arse pedals that exist (or have existed).

    Good luck.

    To maybe get you started, Tonebridge says the pedals for the Killers song are:
    Noise Gate -> Tube Screamer -> Peavey 6505 amplifier -> Boss RV-3 (reverb/delay) -> Peavey 6505 4x 12 cabinet -> MXR EQ
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    I know I'm late, but I'm also trying to get the tone for this song.
    Is there a way to look for the preset instead of having to go page for page?
    I can't find a way and would also like to use this for other songs, thanks