TL GFX 4.6.3 is now available for download!

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    What's new:
    • Standalone only: complete multi-layer Loop Station, with which you can record and overdub your loops;[​IMG]
    • VST/VST3/AU: some minor improvements have been implemented to improve stability;
    • some DSP improvement.

    What's fixed:

    • some issues using Undo/Redo tools;
    • keyboard focus issue in the "Online presets" mode;
    • Ubuntu/Linux hi-DPI scaling enhancements;
    • support for minimal X11 environments;
    • bug where the horizontal backing track scrollbar could be shown unnecessarily;
    • VST3: incorrect high-DPI plug-in initial window size in Live on Windows;
    • VST3: repaint main window when size changes in Bitwig on Linux to fix UI glitches;
    • VST: Windows high-DPI screen change resizing more strict to prevent UI glitches;
    • AU: hangs loading multiple AU instances in Logic;
    • misc bug fixes, improvements and documentation updates.
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