tone lib gfx how to export for g1xon pedalboard?

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  1. blusk

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    How to export from gfx file extension(.tlgfx) to (.g1xon) extension file for my g1xon pedal?

    I opened .tlgfx file in tonelib gfx software,and I play this preset whit my guitar,but I could not convert/export it for playng in my g1xon pedalboard.

    I'd like to play this preset in my g1xon.

    P.S. Sorry for my bad English,I speack well only Italian.
  2. Tonelib

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    Unfortunately, it’s impossible to export GFX presets to any of Zoom pedals, because ToneLib GFX effects are incompatible with Zoom pedals effects.
  3. Teacobouy

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    you just gotta observe and try imitate the signal
  4. KellyOnley

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    Hi...If anyone practices through their pc and an interface the ToneLib GFX is (imo) a great freeware program. I've been playing the heck out of the pre built models and a couple of my own making. Has a bunch of amp and cab models to choose from along with irs and effects. I listen through desktop monitor speakers and headphones.

    pcb fabrication and assembly
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