Tone Lib GFX VST for Reaper

Discussion in 'Testimonials & Suggestions' started by matskry, Jun 3, 2019.

  1. matskry

    matskry New Member

    Hey guys!

    I LOVE your product, sounds so much better than any other amp modelling software I've tried. However, I can't seem to find any VST plugin for Reaper. I can use it just fine as a stand-alone, but cant connect it to my DAW. Help please! :D
  2. mickron

    mickron New Member

    Do you have the plugin installed?

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  3. matskry

    matskry New Member

    Yup, I did check the "VST" plugin box when installing. Where was the VST installed? I need to manually add it to Reaper, don't I?
  4. Stonehelm420

    Stonehelm420 New Member

    OK I just managed to do it by hand on Linux:
    - first, in your home directory, create a .vst folder if it does not already exist.
    - this will enable Reaper to automatically detect files copied in there because if you go to Reaper>Options>Preferences>Plug-ins>VST, this path is entered by default (if it is not, you can also add "/home/your_name/.vst" in the plugin paths here).
    - go to /usr/lib/vst
    - in this folder you should see a file such as ''
    - you will need to copy it out of there, for example with:
    sudo cp ~/.vst
    - Restart Reaper
    - The Tonelib VST should now be detected.
    PS: I also did "chmod +x" to change the rights on this copied file but I doubt it's actually required.
  5. Stonehelm420

    Stonehelm420 New Member

    Alternative: instead of copying the file out of /usr/lib/vst, you could also try to add '/usr/lib/vst' to the plugin paths in the Reaper preferences, it might work.
    With either method, you should be able to find the Tonelib VST in Reaper exactly like on mickron's screenshot above.