Tonelab Editor Button Won't Work With My G1 Four

Discussion in 'Zoom G1/G1X Four' started by Dieter, Nov 13, 2021.

  1. Dieter

    Dieter New Member

    Hi - new member here.

    I've had my G1 Four for about a year and have used the Tonelab editor and created patches with no problem. That was on my old Windows 7 computer. I picked up a new Windows 10 64 bit computer and now the Tonelab doesn't work properly.

    I've downloaded the latest Tonelab and connected to my computer. I open up Tonelab, Tonelab recognizes my G1 Four as connected, but the button at the top marked "Editor" doesn't light up so I can't edit patches.

    I've deleted and reloaded the Tonelab app 3 times and I have v 2.00 firmware on the G1 Four.
    What am I doing wrong?
  2. Dieter

    Dieter New Member

    Weirdest thing - after deleting Tonelab and reinstalling for a 4th time - it just started working.
  3. Valdys

    Valdys New Member

    Hi. I have the same problem, but after reinstalling still not working.
    I've been changed parameters of reading/rewriting/etc. in right click menu/ I set all parameters to "all permissions" or something like that. Thats have been a long time ago. Win 10