ToneLib GFX 3.8.0 is available for download!

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    +add: auto-adjusted oversampling for maximum audio quality.
    The oversampling is auto-adjusted to your session‘s sample rate to save valuable CPU power while providing the most transparent sound possible.
    +add: hand-optimized AVX2 code for about 5% lower CPU load on newer CPU's;
    +add: automatic high-resolution UI size adjustment on Windows;
    +add: memory usage slightly reduced;
    +fix: Linux: opening GUI window failed sometimes, should be fixed now;
    +fix: Linux: Web interface thread used 100% CPU load;
    +fix: GUI-related hiccups in Adobe Audition;
    +fix: VST drawing area size was incorrect, could overwrite host window;
    +fix: Minor bug-fixes and improvements.

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