ToneLib GFX 3.8.5 is available for download!

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    +add: Host DAW Automation
    ToneLib GFX now supports your host DAW application's features to read, write and edit parameter automation, where the DAW can control the plug-in's parameter values over time using editable track envelopes. Most DAWs additionally allow you to record parameter automation in real-time, where you enter an automation “write” mode and changes to the selected plug-in parameters are recorded and displayed on the track as adjustable envelopes. This allows all these parameter changes to be played back (using the host's track “read” mode option) and incorporated into your project’s mix-down.
    Host DAW applications typically allow you to access the list of automatable parameters for a plug-in by way of an automation parameter menu, specific to the audio or aux track where you have inserted the plug-in. Each host DAW software offers parameter automation options slightly differently, so it is recommended that you consult your host software’s documentation for its specific instructions and parameter automation capabilities.

    +add: Sync to tempo
    Some delay and modulation effects models offer a Note Sync option, allowing the delay repeat time or modulation rate to follow the plug-in's main tempo value. For models that offer it, you can click the Note Sync button within the Edit tab to toggle the feature on/off. When active (the Note Sync button is lit), the parameter will change to offer note division values, as shown below.
    +fix: memory usage slightly reduced;
    +fix: minor bug-fixes and improvements.