ToneLib GFX 3.9.4 is available for download!

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    ToneLib GFX 3.9.4 is available for download!

    +add: some CPU usage optimization;
    +add: VST/VST3/AU: some minor improvements have been implemented to improve stability;
    +add: Standalone: metronome and drum player;
    +add: Standalone: recording ability;
    +add: Standalone: backing track player;
    +fix: misc bug fixes and stability improvements.

    1. Metronome

    2. Drum player
    3. Recorder
    4. Backing track player
    You can perform along with your favorite band in place of your guitar hero. The convenient loop playback function lets you listen repeatedly to the section of the song that you're learning or practicing. Additional functions include high-quality tempo change (slow down the tempo without affecting the song's pitch or natural tonality).

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

    Link to Downloads
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