Tonelib GFX 4.0 Update - I'm really disappointed.

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Natelok, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. Natelok

    Natelok New Member

    HI everyone.

    So I got caught by the stealth lockdown of Tonelib GFX. I'm a bit upset about the way the latest update means that I have to come up with $40 within a month. I've been using version 3.9.4 for a while now, and I was really happy with it. If you had asked me for a donation, I would have been happy to give you one. Even buy a license, if you'd asked me first.

    I got an update notification in the application, and it didn't take me to a webpage saying "BTW, this update will lock you out if you don't pay me" It was a direct download. Nothing about crippleware in the update notes. Just out of nowhere, I restart the program after updating and BOOM!! Cough up or Else.

    I totally get that the developers deserve to be paid. If I was asked, I would be happy to contribute by donation, or even by a license fee. But to include it in an update with no warning, and no way to revert to the previous version because you've taken the old file down, I think that's really unfair and a terrible way to go about it. I feel like you've just told us all that you don't care at all about the users, whether some of them are even able to afford the pay the fee you've demanded, you've just lured us into incorporating your software into our gear and then locked the door and extorted us.

    I'm not disputing the price you've put on it even. I think that's a very reasonable price, for people who can afford it. I just wish you had given us some proper warning, and the option of staying on the previous version without the update that you've put the extra work into.

    I personally will struggle work out some way of buying a license, but honestly, I will likely end up going back to guitarix because my income is limited, and because I don't really want to give you anything right now. But I love your work, and I'm just disappointed by how you've gone about this.

    So yeah. I think that was a really nasty and awful way to go about asking the community to support you financially.

    Thanks for reading. I really wish I had kept the 3.9.4 file now.
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  2. Gilly

    Gilly New Member

    I really don’t get it. I mean, it’s still a huge mystery to me why did they let us use it for free for THAT long, because, lets take GFX for instance, it’s a great app even comparing to such giants as Guitar rig or Amplitube (I like GFX sounding more than any other apps). And the price is more than convenient, as for me, comparing to 3-number bills which are considered normal if we are talking about music apps/plugins.

    And if we are talking about Tonelib caring about its users or not, I would say they do care. Like really care. Tried to run GFX on my laptop with Linux, and every single error report I sent was answered, not like “We really appreciate your feedback yada yada”, but with the real suggestions on how can I fix my problem, right one hour later or so. And with a new version the problems I’d faced were solved. If that isn’t a user support worth paying for, I’m not sure what is.

    Maybe their decision on how to let us know we have to pay for the app now was kinda tough, it’s still not a reason to hate Tonelib for all the good things they’ve made for us. Personally I have a job of software developer, and I can tell you for sure there can be situations when you have to make tough decisions, so their actions can be understood.

    And still, you have 30 days to use the app and decide either you want to pay for a high-quality product or not. I mean, come on, every labor should be paid for.
  3. Rockaxe

    Rockaxe New Member

    If you read the terms it states the software SHOULD be paid for within 30 days, BUUUUt it isnt crippled after that, a lot like Reaper
  4. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    We are deeply sorry that the last update has made so much misunderstanding among our users.

    Replying to your main point, we would like to emphasize one more time that we are NOT going to clip the evaluation version of TL GFX 4, as we do NOT believe that technological enforcement of licensing policy is in the best interest of our users.

    That means there won’t be any limitations on the current version of the app even after evaluating period is over. But you won’t be able to update ToneLib products to the further versions unless you buy a licensed copy of it.

    Thank you for your understanding and support.
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  5. Charlespalding

    Charlespalding New Member

    Thanks for the time it was for free, I really love your products. I will definitly buy it since I was looking for a Guitar Pro replacement for a very long time and your products is more than adequite. I moved over to linux and I just couldn't get something that compare with Guitr Pro 7.5 untill I discovered Tonelib. I just hope that you will never stop developing for linux, Linux users long for companies like you who are not hellbound to develop for Windows only. Thanx for making a great product and I think the price is very reasonable...
  6. Natelok

    Natelok New Member

    Well, I intend to buy the software week after next. It's a great piece of software, especially having a quick recorder built in. It's just that I think the way it was done was a bit much.

    Thanks for the discount code btw. I appreciate it, it does really help those of us on low incomes.
  7. ChrisSpyratos

    ChrisSpyratos New Member

    My 3.9.9 ToneLib GFX hasn't prompt me to update yet. It is a good app and it deserves to be paid, especially for such a reasonable price.
    I would prefer though to know beforehand, that the free software I was incorporating in my workflow, was ultimately going to become commercial.

    I only hope they took the best decision for their business, I wouldn't like to see this getting abandoned.
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  8. lordbullingdon

    lordbullingdon New Member

    I'm trying to use the coupon code sent out per email, but keep getting the error message: "Product does not exist! At least one of the requested products does not exist." on the MyCommerce page. Has anyone else had this issue?
  9. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    We haven't spotted any problems with the purchase page. The problem might be caused by cookie files. Please, try to refresh the page and contact us on if you still have the same error.
  10. Jim Oldfield

    Jim Oldfield New Member

    I have immediately bought v4, as this program is excellent - however I am struggling to find a manual for it...
    I particularly want to use it with MIDI preset control from Rig Kontrol as I already use this controller with Guitar Rig 5 (I'm finding GFX gives much better soundss!!!) and want both on my laptop.
    Any thoughts chaps??
  11. Natelok

    Natelok New Member

    Well, I bought my copy so I am looking forward to lots of new effects and amp models in future updates!!

    It really is a great program. I've been into amp modelling for years and this is defo my favourite interface so far.
  12. lordbullingdon

    lordbullingdon New Member

    Thanks, it appears to have been a cookie problem. Regarding installing the latest version on Linux btw, will the presets I have created using the free versions up until now be removed when I install the paid version?

    Also, does the paid license also work in Windows? I sometimes switch between Ardour Linux/Windows, and it would be convenient if I could use the same ToneLib license on both.

    UPDATE 2019-10-11: I discovered the option to export presets as a file, so if they are lost during the update, no biggie.

    However, now that I have installed 4.0, it seems that the VST is still 3.99? How can I make sure the VST version is also updated to the latest version? Please see screenshots attached.
    standalone.png vst.png
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  13. christer

    christer New Member

    I have paid for the new version but when I check for new updates it claims my current version 3.9.9 is up to date. I'm running on Ubuntu. How do I upgrade?
  14. Charlespalding

    Charlespalding New Member

    Don't ask for update, just download the new installer and install. I also use Ubuntu and that's how I upgraded to the paid version. I had to put the registration code again after a reboot, not sure why, but version 4.00 work fine in Ubuntu 18.04.3
  15. lordbullingdon

    lordbullingdon New Member

    Has the VST version updated for you? I have used the installer too, but the VST is still 3.99.
  16. Charlespalding

    Charlespalding New Member

    Yes, the VST updated to version 4.00. I downloaded version 4 of jam and the VST from the download page and installed it, if you just let the program update it doesn't detect version 4.00. Only issue I have is Jam ask me for the registration code every time I restart it.
  17. christer

    christer New Member

  18. lordbullingdon

    lordbullingdon New Member

    Alright. Did you first uninstall the previous version? Or just install the new one on top of it?
  19. Charlespalding

    Charlespalding New Member

  20. Charlespalding

    Charlespalding New Member

    If you got 4.01 then they updated again... I just install the new version.... I don't Uninstall.
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