ToneLib-GFX continuous MIDI issue

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Riffer H, Jul 6, 2019.

  1. Riffer H

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    I'm using ToneLib-GFX 3.9.6 standalone on Windows 10 (and loving it, BTW - awesome product!).

    I have an E-MU XMidi1x1 USB MIDI interface connected to a Behringer FCB1010 pedalboard (with stock ROM). I have set up the two expression pedals to output 0-127 on CC 126 & 127 respectively. I'm seeing two issues in ToneLib-GFX:
    1. If I open the app for the first time with no MIDI mapped, and I go into the MIDI settings and press the map button for wah or volume, then operate either of the expression pedals, ToneLib-GFX doesn't detect a signal. If I press any of the footswitches it will recognize those, and then afterward it will recognize the expression pedals and allow me to map them.
    2. After mapping either expression pedal to volume or wah (let's just say volume for the purposes of illustration, though the behavior is the same for wah), then selecting a preset that has a volume effect in it (or adding a volume pedal to the current preset) and operating the expression pedal, the UI will freeze for several seconds. The audio continues unaffected, and the volume tracks with the pedal (and other mapped switches continue to work, e.g. turning effects on an off), the UI just becomes completely unresponsive for a while. If I wait until the UI un-freezes, it will freeze up once I operate the pedal again.
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    Thank you for the bug report! This should be fixed in the latest release (version 3.9.7). Sorry for the inconvenience. Please let us know if you still have any issues, you may contact us at:
  3. Riffer H

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    Confirmed fixed. That is easily the quickest response to a bug report I've ever witnessed, I'm blown away!