Tonelib-GFX in Ardour - no presets

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Vasilis Lambrou, Jun 8, 2021.

  1. Vasilis Lambrou

    Vasilis Lambrou New Member

    Hey ya all!
    After recent updates I cannot load any presets when running Tonelib-GFX(ver 4.6.6) as a plugin in Ardour (ver 6.7.0). Sidebar is missing and cannot find any way to make it visible.
    Otherwise, when running Tonelib as a standlone, I get the full view with the sidebars, presets and everything. Here's a screenshot of Tonelib running in Ardour:
    Running on Manjaro-Gnome, stable branch.
    I appreciate any help, thanks in advance for your time, cheers!

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  2. FrankDaBass

    FrankDaBass New Member


    here the same.
    Linux Mint 20.2 (Uma)
    Tonelib-GFX(ver 4.6.6)
    Ardour (ver 6.7.0)

  3. Vasilis Lambrou

    Vasilis Lambrou New Member

    Hey mate!
    Well I've got this sort out, it has to do that it loads by default the vst3 version of the plugin. You have to uncheck the following option:
    "conceal VST2 Plugin if......"

    That way when you search for tonelib plugin it also shows the LVXST version. Choosing this over the VST3 shows the plugin as it should be, with all the presets etc.

    Hope that helped, cheers!
  4. FrankDaBass

    FrankDaBass New Member

    Oh yes, it works now. Thanx for that one.
    But nobody will get that nince this help?

    Is is a bug or feature?
    Anyway, I am glad to be able to work with it now.

    Rock on ...
  5. WojtekS

    WojtekS New Member

    The same here, no side panels in VST3 version.