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Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Gianluca Zani, Nov 14, 2021.

  1. Gianluca Zani

    Gianluca Zani New Member

    Hi everyone,
    Has Tonelib Jam the same effects/presets that are available in Tonelib GFX?
    I can purchase only Tonelib Jam to have FXs or Tonelib Jam needs Tonelib GFX library?
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  2. Bazza Bass

    Bazza Bass New Member

    Right click in body of track that you want to use FX in in and the FX panel will come up you can import and alter from there
  3. Donald Romero

    Donald Romero New Member

    I have purchased ToneLib-Jam and GFX - thanks for helping a 1/2 centenarian start a new hobby. I used to be one of those broke guys but throwing you the bones for those that can not. I've tried the demos of Bias Fx, and Guitar Pro and loaded the gp3, gp4 files into your program and discovered the gpx files actually "almost" sound real lol. Now the software and hardware are figured out - need to program my software (brain) to play the guitar...starting with enter sandman - something easy...
  4. Bazza Bass

    Bazza Bass New Member

    Try something like You Really Got Me by The Kinks. If you import the flac file as a guide and mute the virtual sounds you end up with something like the play bits of Rocksmith game. If you want better virtual instruments export your GP file into a converter such as Tux Guitar and play through GarageBand or Logic ( if on Mac PC gives different options) then reimport new sounds as play along audio track. Loads of fun helps as learning aide but make sure that a couple of times a month you record what you're playing to see improvement.