Tonelib-GFX: IR Loader crashes/glitches at certain recording frequencies and samples

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by SimCom, Jun 20, 2019.

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    I first noticed Reaper crashing when trying to use my own IR's in the application, but since I was using an external IR loader, it didn't matter at the time. (That was on version 3.8.5)

    So, when I record, in order to get low latency, I have to set the recording frequency high, sometimes at 88.2khz/96khz with my samples are set at 16. Now, with this configuration and using another IR loader, this works fine. If I try to use Tonelib's IR loader, I get crashes or just a high pitched noise and then a crash. This is true for the standalone app and the VST3 plugin in reaper. If I have my frequency set at 96khz and 16 samples this happens. If I raise my samples to 32, it behaves normally. This also occurs with the frequency set at 88.2khz and samples set at 16. 48khz and 44.1khz seem unaffected by the samples set at 16. Please note that all the other effects are unaffected by the high frequency settings and low samples.

    In the standalone app, I even disabled the "Trim imported impulses" and "Normalize imported impulses" with no effect.

    The two IR's I was using for testing were 44.1khz and 48khz

    Windows 10 x64 build 17763
    Reaper x64 version 5.974
    Tonelib-GFX version 3.9.0 (VST3)
    Scarlett Solo Rev. 2
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    Thank you for the bug report and the detailed information! We will check this issue and will fix as soon as possible.