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    Recently we have received many requests from our users to add localization of our products in several languages.

    We are pleased to inform you that the new version of TL GFX has introduced support for some of the most popular languages. Moreover, you can take part in the localization process yourself!

    You can find more information about this in the next section: Tonelib GFX Language Files

    You can leave your suggestions and translation options in this section of the forum, after which they will be reviewed and added to the official version of the translation.
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  2. gafe

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    A spanish fast correction....thank you for the software...
    Had to change extension to upload.

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  3. positive

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    The modified Russian translation. The file has been edited and replaced 18.07.2020.

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  4. theSG

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    Ukrainian translation

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  5. AndreaQ84

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    Accurate revision of Italian language file. Ciao ;)
    Edit: few corrections/adaptations applied

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  6. Vinc

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    per leggere in lingua ITALIANA
  7. А как поставить файл. не получается у меня
  8. А как его вставить?
  9. DdMan

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    измените расширение файла на *****.gfx_lang и запустите файл
  10. Спасибо !!! Всё работает